Types Of Council Tenancy Agreement
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Types Of Council Tenancy Agreement

Secure leases granted before April 1, 2012 can only be transferred or passed on once. For example, if you take out a lease, if someone dies, you cannot pass the lease on to someone else if you die. You can have a variety of rental and rental contracts depending on the exact situation in which you became a tenant. If the Commission decides, it may extend your introductory period by an additional 6 months or launch a lawsuit to remove you for breach of the terms of the lease. TSA is the most common form of standard rent in the UK. If you rent from a private landlord and there are no special circumstances regarding your stay, use this type of rent. You can determine if your lease is AST, if you have any questions about the nature of the lease, please contact us. If the Council wants to expel you before the end of the flexible term, it must give you one month of pre-mandate. If you are deported for serious anti-social behaviour, the Council can make the communication effective immediately.

If we need to change the terms of your lease, we will notify you of the change. If the change affects all tenants, we will consult with all tenants and explain the reasons for the change. We must take into account all the feedback we receive during the consultation period. You also need to get two months in advance that the Council needs possession. Once this period has expired, the Council must obtain an order of possession from the courts and continue the deportation proceedings with the judicial officers. If a household contains one or more children under the age of 16, they have a safe flexible rent for at least 5 years and 21 years at most, depending on the age of the youngest child on the day of the start of the lease. If you rent your house at the Royal Borough of Greenwich, you will be a tenant of the Council. It is important that you read each lease carefully before signing; Ask questions, seek answers and not rush into a treaty and its obligations. As a general rule, you have a secure Scottish lease when you rent your home to the Council, a housing company or a housing co-op in Scotland.

You will find a complete breakdown of your rights and obligations with the Shorthold Insurance lease in our special guide – Tenancy Contracts and Shorthold Tenancy Insurance (AST).